Hi, I'm Nick,

and I believe products should be more than functional forms in our daily lives.  Does the world need another chair? Probably not, but the world does need a better chair, and not just a pretty looking one or one with fancy materials. No, the world needs better products built from the ground up. I dismantle objects, distill them, and reconstruct them, inventing beautiful solutions along the way.


Nicholas Baker is a designer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Nicholas started making at a young age in his grandfather's woodshop. After discovering his passion for art and making things, Nicholas went on to study industrial design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He interned with a range of companies including Boy Scouts of America, Enventys, and HunterGatherer while in school.

After graduating in 2015 with a BFA in industrial design, Nicholas moved to Fort Worth, Texas to design full-time for Petmate Pet Products. Nicholas designed 80+ products for Petmate ranging from rubber toys to soft goods to litter boxes. He left Petmate in 2017 to pursue new opportunities in New York City. Nicholas launched a design brand, almost object, in 2017. After freelancing part-time for many years, Nicholas started a full-time industrial design studio in Brooklyn. In his free time, he enjoys experimenting in virtual reality, instagramming, and podcasting. 

Design Philosophy

I’ve written a small definition of a design philosophy called familiarism.

Interviews, Publications, Awards, & Talks

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Augmented World Expo - Speaker 2018

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American Design Club - Exhibited Strap Chair 2018

Advanced Design Sketching - Advisor 2018

American Design Club - Exhibited Bend Mirror 2017

Yanko Design - Featured JW Dog Toys 2017

Yanko Design - Featured Notch Collection 2017

Royal Society of Arts - Awarded 2015

Fast Company - Featured Prism 2014

Colossal - Featured Prism 2014

Complex - Featured Prism 2014