Hi, I'm Nick,

and I believe products should be more than functional forms of our daily lives.  Does the world need another chair? Probably not, but the world does need a better chair, and not just a cool looking one or one with fancy materials. No, the world needs better products built from the ground up. I dismantle objects, distil them, and reconstruct them, inventing beautiful solutions on the way.


Nicholas Baker is a designer and maker currently residing in Brooklyn. Born and raised in North Carolina, Nicholas started making at a young age in his grandfather's woodshop. After discovering his passion for art as well as engineering, Nicholas went on to study industrial design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. With experience working in small studios, firms, and corporations, his skill-set spans across multiple disciplines including industrial design, graphic design, fabrication, and soft-goods development. Nicholas is currently working as a design consultant and is always open to new opportunities.



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