ships flat, bend to use



The bend mirror was a personal project that started out as an idea of folding metal into some sort of functional object. I wanted to create a product that was simple to make and ship, but would be something that had never been seen before. While the design is fairly simple, the personal goal for this project was to take an idea from my head to a full product. I manufactured the bend mirror and created a design brand for the product and many more to come. 

The bend mirror is available to purchase at


Concept Development

I wanted to keep it simple and open ended. I really liked the idea of having multiple functions for multiple bends. The main driving problem that I have with mirrors, especially small ones, is that I'm not able to see my whole attire. Having a section that could bend to see my shoes, was a neccessary element. 


Testing the Concept

I conducted bend tests to see which materials and patterns bend the longest. I decided upon a simpler perforation pattern with less bends as it gave the mirror a cleaner look. I also used stainless steel as it holds up to bending and can have a lasting mirror finish. 



Refining the Design

After proving out the concept and figuring out the number of bends, I worked on refining the design. I made full sized paper models to get a feel for how they would hang or stand. I eventually settled on a simple geometric design that combined several of the elements that I liked.


Final Product

The final design allows for many functions including a bookend, shelf, vanity mirror, or really anything the user could bend it to. I launched the bend mirror on December 1, 2017 as my first self-initiated product. 

The bend mirror is available to purchase at


Bend Mirror by Nicholas Baker   /   2017   /   almost object

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