DOGZILLa Dog toys

dino fun for your dino dog



The Dogzilla dog toy brand is known for its gnarly look and rugged forms. While working at Petmate, I was tasked with designing the new line of Dogzilla dog toys. We wanted to revitalized the brand and decided to go with more whimsical dino themed toys to appeal to a wider crowd.


Concept Development

Here's a sampling of some of the sketches that turned into the tennis ball Predators. I explored all different types of dinosaurs and funky monsters. I liked the idea of the tennis ball fuzz sticking out of the eye as an extra detail.


Algorithmically Aided

To achieve a more whimsical and organic look, I worked with Grasshopper and Rhino. This allowed me to easily change and manipulate patterns based on a set of parameters. To my knowledge these Dogzilla Bone Stuffers are the first algorithmically designed dog toy.


Refining the Design

We narrowed my designs down to a few final concepts. I modeled and printed out numerous plastic toys to test, refine, and tweak. 


Final Product

The new Dogzilla dog toy line has a nice range of products including rubber/nylon Bone Stuffers, rope toys, and rubber tennis ball Predators.  The Bone Stuffers are great for putting treats in, and if the rubber wears out, the nylon bone is still a good chew toy. The rope has a tentacle themed handle for extra grip. The tennis ball Predators are a fun fetch toy with gnarly dino characters chomping on the ball.  


Dogzilla Dog Toys by Nicholas Baker   /   Winter 2017   /   Petmate

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