Gretchen chair

inspired by the Gretchen sailboat



A family friend was building a Gretchen sailboat (the one pictured above) and had several pieces of scrap wood that he passed on to me. The thin cedar strips had a bead and cove joint which traditionally allows the wood to curve along a ship's hull. I explored different ideas for using the scrap wood and decided to build the Gretchen chair as a fun summer project. I took cove joint as inspiration and designed the chair to mimic the form a the sailboat's hull.


Concept Development

After sketching out a few concepts and making several quick carboard models, I settled in on a form that best represeted the nautical inspiration.



After doing some basic tests to figure out the optimal dimensions and angles, I started cutting out the frame from a cardboard template.  I built this chair back when I had little experience in proper woodworking. I used plenty of glue, brads, and screws. Rest assured, it's a sturdy chair.


Gretchen Chair by Nicholas Baker   /   Summer 2012   /   Self-initiated

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