JW Dog Toys

clever treat toys to keep your pup entertained



The classic JW Hol-ee Roller is one of the best-selling dog toys in the pet industry. While working at Petmate, we looked into expanding the JW brand by building on the success of the Hol-ee Roller. I was tasked with designing the new line of JW dog toys that reinforced the ability to add treats into the Hol-ee toys. 


Concept Development

After exploring several concepts and ideas, we liked the idea of food themed toys. Not only would they look fun, but the theme would strengthen the treat aspect.


Refining the Design

We selected three designs to finalize: steak, peanut, and turkey leg. I modeled these in Solidworks and printed out numerous plastic toys to test, refine, and tweak.


Final Product

The JW Hol-ee Gourmet line is great for keeping your dog entertained. The holes in the rubber allow you to stuff treats inside. The white nylon bone is good for gnawing. As an added bonus, you can spread peanut butter or other treats in the holes of the nylon chew. The Hol-ee Gourmet toys are available for purchase on Petmate.com or at your local pet store. 


JW Holee Gourmet by Nicholas Baker   /   Summer 2016   /   Petmate

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