40 - Derek Cascio

We sit down with Derek Cascio, assistant professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology and co-founder of 4th Law Labs. Derek tells a bit of his backstory about going to school for animation then discovering industrial design through concept art. After attending MassArt for ID, he goes on to a rich and busy career working for Philips, Staples and Hasbro as well as Co-founding Design Museum Boston, teaching at Wentworth and co-founding 4th Law Labs. We dive into his thoughts on the future of design education and how instagram has affected students and young professionals. Derek then sheds some light on the “save the world” notion in industrial design. Give us a call on our google voicemail 1-646-494-4011 or send in a question to minordetailspodcast@gmail.com. You can find us on instagram @minordetailspod, @nickpbaker, @idrawonreciepts, and @derekcascio