NOtch collection

an intuitively useful tableware collection



The Notch collection, inspired by the elegant functionality of Scandinavian design, brings simple solutions to the table. I worked with Paul Rowan and the design team at Umbra to create unique houseware products that would compliment the brand. Initially, I started with a wide range of product ideas from furniture to home decor. After the design team at Umbra directed me to develop my tableware concepts further, I took it upon myself to really push the limits of tableware while still maintaining Umbra's brand integrity.


Concept Development

I focused in on a small collection of vessels, and took inspiration from Scandinavian design language which ties well into Umbra's brand.  While developing forms, I started exploring intuitive interactions and found myself gravitating toward cork as a material and function.


Refining the Design

After developing several strong tableware concepts, I refined the collection down to four vessels containing salt, pepper, cream, and sugar. I modeled the vessels in Solidworks to refine the curves and proportions. Inspired by tree branches, I designed soft protrusions on each of the vessels, unifying the collection and adding subtle interaction points.


Fabricating the Prototypes

This was my first experience slip casting ceramics, and it was certainly a learning experience. I started out by creating the master forms, from which plaster molds were made. After letting the plaster molds dry, I casted multiples of each vessel. I glazed the casts with a matte black and gloss white to add not only a color differentiation but a tactile experience as well. I sent them to a local pottery studio for firing and finished the prototypes by making the lids and corks for each vessel.


Final Product

The final collection features four unique and distinct tableware vessels. The salt and pepper have easy pouring and filling nozzles. The creamer has a lid that also lets the user adjust the flow of cream. The sugar bowl has an indent on the end of the lid for quick scooping. 


Watch the video below to see it all in action.

Notch Collection by Nicholas Baker   /   In collaboration with Umbra   /   Spring 2015   /   Savannah College of Art and Design

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