Pivot toaster

a flip-open bread toasting device



The Pivot is a flip open toaster designed to solve the frustration of toast getting stuck. I designed the toaster in collaboration with Brandon Gilmore for our studio class. We were tasked with understanding two designers' philosophies and implementing them into the design. After choosing Naoto Fukasawa and Santiago Calatrava, we selected the common bread toasting device to redesign.

We started by dissecting a toaster, understanding how they work, and looking into problems of existing toasters. Surprisingly there aren't many toasters that solve the common problem of small pastries getting stuck. If you've ever tried to toast an English muffin you know what I'm talking about. We also studied our selected designers and embodied their philosophies for our ideation sessions.


Concept Development

We explored numerous ideas and concepts for new and improved toasting devices. We focused on implementing the subtle interactions of Naoto Fukasawa and the cantalevered structures of Santiago Calatrava. 


Refining the Design

We narrowed our exploration and focused on several strong concepts. After making a few quick cardboard models, we found the flip-open mechanism to be the most intuitive action, while allowing full access to your toast. We were inspired by the movement of pulling a book off of the shelf.


Making the Model

After finalizing the design, we created a CAD model in Solidworks. We then built a presentation model out of mdf, urethane foam, and aluminum.


Final Product

The Pivot toaster features a single slot flip-open mechanism (which could easily be expanded). The indent on the top sends a subtle cue to the user on how to open the toaster and load the bread. The door automatically flips open when the toast is at optimal golden browness. The wire frame suspends the toast allowing easy access to your slice of carbs without burning fingers.


Pivot Toaster by Nicholas Baker and Brandon Gilmore   /   Fall 2013   /   Savannah College of Art and Design

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