Strap Chair

no screws, no bolts, no glue, just phat straps



The strap chair started out as a sketch idea that I had posted on instagram. It garnered quite a bit of attention and controversy as people started to debate its viability. It's a simple idea, just take a rather phat (thick) ratchet strap and use it to tighten four legs to a block of wood. The beauty of the idea, is that any material could be used for the legs, leaving the final look and design of the chair up to the user.

I knew there was only one way to find out if this idea was possible. So I built it. Below you can review the full length footage of the strap assembly. 


Final Product

The final strap chair prototype functions as intended. I used pine trees that were thrown out after Christmas as my material of choice. I added three straps to the back for support. The back straps do splay the legs out slightly. This could be because of the imperfections of the pine tree legs. More testing is required. 


Strap Chair by Nicholas Baker   /   2018   /   self-initiated

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